Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Odds and Ends

Yes, it's once again time for my patented (except not) news roundup...

The electoral college makes it official... Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President.

Cabinet appointments continue at a regular pace, with Obama naming "Arne Duncan, the tough-minded Chicago schools superintendent, as the next secretary of education with a mandate to overhaul failing US schools." At the press conference, Obama spoke about his vision for reform.

Obama also named New York City's housing commissioner (w00+) to lead the Housing and Urban Development Department. And Sen. Salazar (D-CO) has been selected for Secretary of the Interior.

Finally, Bill Moyers spoke with constitutional lawyer/blogger Glenn Greenwald this past weekend about the state of the rule of law in U.S. government. And Rachel Maddow interviews warrantless wiretapping whistleblower (say that three times fast) Thomas Tamm.


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