Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recommended Reading

Here are some articles I recommend reading, particularly the first one-

Vanity Fair: Capitalist Fools--
Behind the debate over remaking U.S. financial policy will be a debate over who’s to blame. It’s crucial to get the history right, writes a Nobel-laureate economist, identifying five key mistakes—under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II—and one national delusion.

TreeHugger (MSN): Cheap Gas: Blessing or Curse?--
Recent drops in prices at the pumps have many questioning whether Americans will continue on their path to efficiency or go back to their old, wasteful ways.

Time: The Aimless War: Why Are We in Afghanistan?

Rolling Stone: Requiem for a Maverick--
John McCain ran one of the most incompetent, schizo campaigns in history — and for that we owe him big-time


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