Thursday, December 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

This is a roundup of news that is important, even if it's not very sexy...

Reports on inauguration plans indicate "a four-day affair, replete with the traditional balls but also featuring service projects to honor Martin Luther King's holiday," though some have called for a leaner celebration.

Elsewhere, VP-elect Biden reassures America that he will be no Dick Cheney.

Here's change I can't believe in... key Democrats urging Obama to continue the interrogation, intelligence policies of the Bush administration "to ensure continuity". That's like yelling at a firefighter for messing with the "continuity" of the flames.

Here's a NY Times story that reiterates why that is such a bad idea.

So Matt Drudge took two separate news stories yesterday-- one about Obama planning a diplomatic trip to an Islamic capital after taking office and one about him being sworn in with his full name as customary-- and came up with this classy juxtaposition-

Speaking of classy, Bill'O and Karl Rove found the real culprit of the economic crisis... the darn liberal media!

This just in! Newspapers are totally fucked! First there was the news about the Tribune company possibly going into bankruptcy, then reports of the NY Times taking out a mortgage on its Manhattan headquarters. The NY Post, however, will always be fine, so long as Jennifer Aniston still has titties.

This is an interesting month for learning new things about former Presidents. First, a look at once-secret Reagan documents on our relationship with Iraq. Also, more fun with Richard Nixon.

Mother Jones debunks the right-wing's Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac talking points.

Finally "clean coal" is like Santa Claus... spoiler alert... neither one actually exists.


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