Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Say No.

Since I'm a New Yorker and it's a hot topic, let me (briefly) weigh in the increasing likelihood of Caroline Kennedy becoming our new junior Senator. I'm against it.

I voted against Hillary Clinton in 2000 (and her reelection bid in 2006, and her presidential bid in 2008) because I hate both carpetbagging and political dynasties. Part of Obama's appeal, for instance, was that he came from political nothingness to greatness in amazingly short time using only his own brains and skills to do so. Senate seats should be earned, not gifts to celebrity politicians. That's not a knock against Ms. Kennedy, whose politics are obviously mostly aligned with my own. It's a matter of principle. NY state has many great congressmen who'd make great Senators, and Ms. Kennedy shouldn't get to cut the line just because of who she is.

Hopefully, Gov. Paterson doesn't give into the pressure.


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