Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bush on Iraq war lies.... "So what?"

Watching the television the last few days, I'm seeing a lot about the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference (ungrateful little shit doesn't seem to appreciate his country being invaded and occupied... I mean, we Americans would love to be invaded!). But I'm not so much hearing anything about these other stories.

Such as the exact details of the new Status of Forces Agreement the Iraqis have passed, which will begin the winding down (?) of the U.S. war/occupation in that country.

Or Vice President Cheney-- you may not remember him, he's made about 1.5 public appearances in his role as dark overlord in the last year-- still pretending that the WMD case for war was pretty much solid.

And then there was President Bush himself, being confronted by a reporter on the falseness of Bush's pre-war Iraq-al Qaeda claims, stating "Yeah, that’s right. So what?" Take that, facts!

Maybe this is why people sometimes throw shoes at their televisions.

[UPDATE: I see that Andrew Sullivan posted on the latter story, and why it's so infuriating: "That's how he acknowledges that there was no al Qaeda in Iraq to speak of before he created a power vacuum through his botched war and occupation. So two wars to cripple al Qaeda actually gave al Qaeda and Jihadism in general two new bases for operation: Iraq and Waziristan. Thanks to the amazing work of many troops and generals and Iraqis, al Qaeda is at bay (though not defeated) in Iraq, but resurgent in Pakistan. Which is to say that several thousand Americans - and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis - died to get us back to Square One." This is his legacy, no matter how hard they are spinning it now.

Not surprisingly, polls still consistently show a majority of Americans want us out ASAP.]


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