Friday, April 25, 2008

Staying in Iraq Forever, Continued

Quote of the day from Andrew Sullivan, who nails our self-justifying 'policy' in Iraq-
"I don't know what to make of all this [intra-Iraqi] maneuvring, but it does seem to me to reveal the increasing paradoxes of the war we are fighting. George W. Bush's major ally in Iraq is now a favorite of Tehran. Go figure. The defeat of the Sadrist forces could well mean an Ahmadinejad-Maliki axis over a large swathe of Iraq, a state of affairs we will have asked young Americans to risk their lives for. And now you see signs from Rice that U.S. policy is to back the Sunni powers against Iran. Whatever else this war started as, it is now something utterly different. And, at this point, it is increasingly hard to understand what exactly it is designed to achieve."

The purpose of staying in Iraq is to stay in Iraq. Period. Anything less would be an admission of defeat and, as we were told in Vietnam and are being told about Iraq now, it is worth any price in terms of lives, cost, national security, and international credibility to prevent such shame. That's all this has been about for some time. And that is why we must stay in Iraq forever.

(Seriously, though, is it November yet?)


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