Friday, April 18, 2008

More Odds and Ends

Yea, this will be a real big pile of news/commentary. Buckle up and head in...

Sen. Obama responds to Wednesday night's debate in good humor, noting it's an example of the broken system he wants to change. Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos tries to defend his performance (a flashback's in order).

And Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards were all on The Colbert Report last night.

Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum looks at the three candidates' views on presidential power, and who'd be most willing to scale back the abuses of the Bush years. Guess whose statements were most and least reassuring?

A lot of people are digging into the details of the McCain economic proposals I blogged about on Tuesday, and it's even worse than I thought. Besides just being more poorly disguised corporate tax cuts and a pander-rama, the idea of a 'gas tax holiday' is also a disaster in terms of the environment, and investment in our crumbling infrastructure. Also, his earlier promises of balancing the budget? Yea, fuck that, he says.

Meanwhile, the Senate's housing bill is also a poorly disguised vessel for big business tax breaks.

Speaking of the environment, President Bush's latest overhyped speech on global warming was just another farce.

PBS' "Frontline" highlighted universal healthcare systems in five capitalist countries this week in a show called 'Sick Around The World'. Another excellent piece that will affect nothing.

Something is happening in California regarding gay marriage. Something good? Maybe.

Finally, another case that's more farce than fear fizzles out in the serious war on terror.


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