Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Checking In With Pennsylvania

Yesterday, I mentioned my gun-owning, religious, bitter brother who lives in rural Pennsylvania. Instead of me just talking to myself here, I figured I'd check his pulse on this race so far. Below is our correspondence...

My question:
"Since the Democratic primary has taken over your state, I'm curious how you Pennsylvanians are feeling about all this... which candidate are the folks out by you tending to support?"

"I hear alot of Hilary support. Very little Obama. She is born and raised out here. As far as predjudices against black people and women, it appears the predjudices against black people is stronger. Is Barak looking to illegalize abortion?

I then emailed him back, with some fact-checking and other general comments. But this initial response seems to me a solid (expected) indication of how rural Pennsylvania is feeling. And it's fucking depressing as hell.


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