Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Odds and Ends

Yes, I'm still here. I know, I should go outside. Soon. First, more news!-

Bad news for a consumer economy in need of proper stimulation... times have forced Americans to be more responsible: "Thirty-five percent said they plan to use the money to pay utility, credit card, housing or other bills... That is up from 27 percent who said so a year ago, in a fresh example of how the ailing economy is affecting many families." Screw that, I'm buying more toys (literally). You're welcome, economy.

Speaking of, in a flip-flop sure to re-piss off many conservatives, Sen. McCain has decided to refine' and 'revise' his plan to deal with the housing mess. What a maverick!

Meanwhile, Matthew Yglesias wonders why Democrats aren't doing more to attack McCain. Frankly, I hardly think that's been a problem, it's simply that his teflon armor is pretty thick. But, yes, it is odd that in a country where 80% say they hate the direction we are headed in, the same polls also show McCain-- running on a status quo platform-- within the margin of error in winning the presidency. Oh well, that's what the general election debates will be for.

Of course, with ads like this masterpiece, it's no shock he's doing so well.

Moving on to his likely opponent, Barack Obama does a good job in this new commercial of giving a real-life example of how the corruption/lobbying system of politics affects the average Joe. (Though his commitment to this ethics business may cost him Philadelphia votes given local campaigning practices) And I found a decent, related video from March where he explains to a swing voter what the substantive differences between himself and Sen. Clinton are.

And in a story you'll see beat like a dead horse over the next week, Obama is catching heat for comments he made at a fundraiser-- the latest in a series of hypocritical faux-outrages-- on small town resentments.

Finally, TPM analyzes the recent revelations on how senior administration officials were all involved in crafting the Bush torture policies. On that note, Will Bunch makes the argument that this story is why Obama shouldn't accept a potential Colin Powell endorsement. I disagree... endorsements don't ever mean you 100% agree with everything about the person who gave it, and Powell appears to be on a search for redemption.


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