Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recommended Reading

Newsweek (Markos Moulitsas): A Silver Lining In the Blue Battle--
Hillary's destructive coup attempt: it's a good thing for the Democratic Party.

Yes, amidst all the obsessing over the presidential primary, many Democrats have lost track of one other thing... there is a shitload of Senate seats up for grabs this November, not to mention the usual House reelections. And unless something earth-shattering happens between now and then, the trends point toward the party increasing their majority in both houses of Congress significantly.

This is crucial, because the President can promise voters the moon and more, but unless he/she has a Congress with a strong majority friendly to a progressive agenda, it's gridlock city. There seems to be a real possibility that we'll get the former next year.

Live in an up-for-grabs district and want to make this dream a reality? Learn how.


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