Sunday, April 13, 2008

Greening The Economy

The issue about creating "green-collar jobs" has come up a lot during the Democratic primary-- both our candidates are actually pretty solid on this front, I'm happy to say-- but I really haven't covered it much (I'm not an expert, and don't intend to play one here). But this article at The Washington Independent is a good read. This is clearly the right direction to be heading in, unless you're one of those people who believes that inefficient and destructive practices are good for the economy and the environment.

Harnessing the Sun: Future of Green Jobs--
Two Massive Solar Projects Promise Cleaner Energy and New Jobs

Sadly, I haven't seen a whole lot of this type of thing around here (though NYC is a big, dense place... maybe it's hidden), but I have in my travels. Saw a lot of wind farms flying into Boston last summer, saw a lot of solar panel-powered buildings on my recent visit to San Diego, etc. It was encouraging. I look forward to (hopefully) getting the kind of leadership to really make stuff like this a national priority. The weak tea stuff passed by Congress-- backwards ethanol mandates, politely asking the auto industry to get to 35mpg in a decade or so, etc-- just won't cut it.

Finally, Earth Day is coming up. I'm looking for some local activity to do. Any suggestions?


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