Monday, April 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

Did you file your taxes yet? If not, you, umm, better get on that. Here's news...

The Pope has come to America and, as usual, all those pesky molested youngsters are the elephant in the room. But hey, he's gonna pray at Ground Zero, so whatever. Maybe he can use his divine powers to get them to start some fucking work down there.

Call off the protests, hippies... China's cleaning up its act: "Construction will halt, heavy industries will close, and even spray painting will stop in order to clean Beijing's polluted air for the Olympics— an issue that suddenly has taken a back seat to political protests." Clean that air? Better get started a decade or so ago.

Meanwhile, in Italy, parliamentary elections yield... the return of Silvio Berlusconi?!

In other international news, Jimmy Carter is not backing down from his plans to meet with leaders of Hamas during his upcoming diplomatic trip to the Middle East, despite criticisms.

What is wrong with America when our disgraced monster of an ex-Attorney General can't find anyone to hire him?

Finally, the DNC intends to take on John McCain full throttle: "The Democratic National Committee is set to file a complaint in federal court against the Federal Election Commission, saying the regulatory agency has failed to act on a request to investigate and take action against Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential-nominee-in-waiting, for reversing his decision to use public money in the general election."


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