Thursday, April 24, 2008

Democrats vs. McCain: It's The Recession, Stupid!

The Washington Post had an article about John McCain's famous temper earlier this week, but I'm hardly convinced that anyone is going to vote for or against him because he once shoved Sen. Grassley. While I remain convinced that his biggest vulnerability is foreign policy-- he sees this as his strength, but every time he discusses it, he proves his ignorance on the topic-- the Democratic party seems to be betting on the craptastic economy to sink ol' Maverick McGee. Here is the first general election ad they are running-

This is, in my opinion, a good and simple ad. So why do I not think this is enough to defeat McCain? Because polls show that while the bad economy is the number one concern for most voters, it's not really having an effect on who they vote for. Huzzah.

The thing about undecided voters is that they are completely irrational decision-makers. No one likes to say that, but it's true. One would hope that conditions would smack some rationality into them, but this victory in November remains something which shouldn't be taken for granted. Democrats will have to work for it.


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