Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hit-and-Run 2/17/09: Economic Girlie Men Edition

Here's one of those quick hit-and-run posts I mentioned. Enjoy...

President Obama signed the stimulus package into law today, and set up a website-- Recovery.gov-- to track its progress (in theory). Polls indicate the public is optimistic about this. My feelings? It's probably not good enough, but certainly better than whatever nightmare McCain/Palin would've inflicted upon us. Here goes nothing.

And why was Treasury Sec. Geithner's financial rescue press conference last week so vague? The answer? They're still not fully sure what to do about this mess. And, to me, that may be a good thing given the mindless clusterfuck that was the 'plan' they inherited.

Bill Clinton on his role in the economic crash... Don't blame me. STFU.

And is it time to nationalize the big, failed banks? A once-crazy idea now seems more reasonable.

Speaking of the economy, depressing news from California: "California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said layoff notices would be sent to about 20,000 workers starting Tuesday, after legislators failed to pass a plan to help close a projected 42-billion-dollar state budget deficit." More here. Part of the stimulus package, by the way, opposed by Arnold's DC GOP counterparts, is designed to send aid to prevent these scenarios. For some reason, I'm having a flashback to 2004...

Gen. Petraeus and some other Bush-era military leaders have been fighting Obama over the Iraq pullout (staying forever is way funner). Now others are fighting them on that effort.

The U.S. Mint is apparently trying to turn every coin into a collector's item.

Bristol Palin states the obvious about conservative abstinence-only obsession.

Finally, why do people insist Rush Limbaugh is a juvenile bigot? I just don't see it. {*cough*}


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