Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random Thoughts

No time for serious blogging right now, so here's some hit-and-runs...

I'm sure some might read my recent rants and think, "Jeremy, aren't you being hyperbolic about the GOP? You talk about them like a one-dimensional cartoon!", but then I come across headlines like this...

'Bailout Watchdog Calls for Financial System Overhaul, but GOP Dissents'

...And I just sit there and nod. Then I realize how fucked we are.

(And if they don't wanna be thought of as cartoons... no mas, por favor.)

And for all the kvetching about the minutia of the stimulus bill (more on that in a followup post), no one still seems to give a shit that we gave $700 billion to the people who caused this mess, and no one knows/cares where it went. Because the economy is gonna get worse before it gets better.

I, for one, am glad that Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination (seriously, President Obama, did you vet these clowns at all?). And it's not just the tax thing... it's also because he's a huge whore.

Despite the fact that we were told Gen. Petraeus was an apolitical animal, he is already working to undermine the President on the Iraq withdrawal issue. In an ideal world, Obama would ask for his resignation immediately. I won't hold my breath, however.

Finally, Kiefer Sutherland disappoints right-wingers everywhere... reminds them that '24' is not a documentary.


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