Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

Here's another collection of news I came across in the last day or so. Enjoy.

Conservative columnist/genius George Will looks on the free-market bright side of the battered economy... McDonald's is doing really, really well now because people can't afford to eat anywhere else. "And over time, that's the market sorting this out," he proudly boasts. I can't wait for diabetes and heart disease and obesity to 'sort out' all those pesky poor people.

Newsflash for the 1,000th time to world-renowned scientist Matt Drudge... yes, it's winter and it's cold and snow still exists. But that doesn't mean that climate change isn't a fast-accelerating problem. You're welcome.

President Obama grants the first interview of his presidency to Al-Arabiya TV. Watch it here.

But his plan(s) for fixing Afghanistan... is it realistic??

Finally, that digital TV switchover? It may be delayed.


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