Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcoming Our New Overlords

We're now officially 12 hours away from the end of the Bush presidency (you remember, he's the guy said who said in his 2001 inaugural address that "encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats", that "government has great responsibilities for public safety and public health, for civil rights and common schools", and who warned that "if we permit our economy to drift and decline, the vulnerable will suffer most") and the beginning of the Obama presidency (you remember, he's that guy who seems capable of actually doing the job with basic competence and dignity). So that's pretty exciting.

I'll be at work today (ugh), but will, like many Americans, I'm sure, be listening to streaming audio/video of the inauguration at my desk. It's hard not to like that this one event has the vast majority of Americans in an optimistic mood in a decidely un-optimistic time for the country. Can he follow through on that optimism? I'll follow the lead of the national mood and remain cautiously optimistic for now.

More thoughts later after the whole shebang is official. PS, Barack Obama is unelectable.

(Picture taken this weekend recreating the inauguration scene at LegoLand California)


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