Friday, February 13, 2009

'I Have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Invade Me.'

Last night, former GOP Senator John Sununu stopped by The Daily Show to discuss the stimulus bill and other political matters. Stewart seemed in no mood-- more so than usual-- to swallow bullshit. It made for a good interview.

Oh, and my take on the whole Gregg/Commerce Secretary debacle? Obama got played... another Lucy/Charlie Brown/football teaching moment for the Democrats. As Bill Maher noted to Larry King last night, there aren't any more moderate Republicans in Congress. They all retired or were voted out in favor of moderate Democrats. All that is left is the far-right base which is scared of Rush Limbaugh, is acting like immature frat boys, thinks FDR caused the Great Depression, and thought Sarah Palin was their savor.

And Andrew Sullivan is also correct... they have declared war on Obama; it is all they have left. If Obama thinks he can win the opposition over with Cabinet appointments, his endless legislative compromise, and dinner invitations, he is mistaken. The public remains on his side, and he has a decent majority in Congress, that should be enough for now. If the remaining Republicans want to avoid further electoral bloodshed in 2010 and beyond, they will come around, at the least on the big issues. If they don't, it's their funeral.

The President at this point should abandon any illusions he has about bipartisanship, and just focus on making sure his agenda is successful. He wasn't elected to make John Boehner happy, he was elected to get shit done (not to mention clean up the mess caused by a certain opposition party's eight years in office). I think they're (slowly) starting to realize it.

[UPDATE: The stimulus has passed. How will it be spent? Read up here and here.]


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