Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, apparently, the President's Wall Street tax cheat Treasury Secretary convinced him to take any and all teeth out of the second part of the bailout plan. The corporate free-for-all continues.

I'll let the lower headlines on this Huffington Post screengrab speak for themselves-


The full details-- beyond the infuriating headlines-- are available in the AFP wire service report, which states the plan "also includes new efforts to boost consumer lending [and] limit home foreclosures." That is all well and good, but the real problem behind this overgrowing economic avalanche is that the system is broken. And no one, except the type of Democrats who you only ever see if you watch Rachel Maddow, seems to view fixing it as a priority. Basically, the house is crumbling from bottom to top, and they're worried about buying new curtains. We are fucked.

Also, the Senate has passed the battered stimulus package. Our last remaining hope is that Democratic leaders can un-fuck it up in the conference committee. That's the story to watch now.

We have a lot of serious problems as a country to resolve besides even this huge one (health care, energy, etc). Let's hope President Charlie Brown (and I say that with affection) has learned his lesson in how to deal with his political opponents before he ends up on his back again. More of the fiery Obama we saw in last night's press conference-- one assertive and not afraid, because he has the facts on his side-- and less of the one who lets Geithner dictate policy to him rather than the vice versa.


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