Thursday, October 30, 2008

Matt Drudge, World-Renowned Scientist, Fails Again.

Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed with the Drudge report? That, along with the NY Post and the National Review's blog, are to me the ultimate barometers of what bullshit the right-wing is attempting to foist on an unsuspecting nation each day. Today's top 'issues' seem to be more on the socialism nonsense and a 'conspiracy' by the LA Times to hide more Obama connections to terrorists. Also, the economy is totally fucked, but no one's taking the time to think about what that means.

Further down on Drudge, though, I see these headlines all compiled together-


(This is one Drudge's favorite recurring gags... LOLZ!)

Seriously, someone needs to sit these morons down and actually explain the science of climate change to them. Crazy, record-breaking weather patterns-- ie. October snow in strange places-- is proof that it is happening, not a refutation. I expect we will see a cold, weird winter... and I expect lots more headlines like this during that time.

If we fail to take this issue seriously, it will be because, in no small part, conservatives a) refuse to understand it, and b) just see the whole thing as an excuse to make Al Gore jokes. Also, the whole world is kind of broke. That doesn't help either.

[Bloomberg News: Second Planet Needed to Meet Natural-Resources Demand]


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