Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conservative Intellectuals

So while making my daily blog rounds, I finally got to the National Review's 'The Corner'. This is the current top blog post there, by one Lisa 'red diaper baby' Schiffren-
Lucianne links to a website that is subversive, funny and useful. The Peoples Cube seems to have Barack's number. Among other things, they have an insightful take on those disturbing videos of American children singing the praises of/to Obama: "Kids' hymns to Obama a success of Democrat strategy: If you can't abort them, indoctrinate them." (Does this apply in reverse? If you can indoctrinate them, you shouldn't abort them? That was the basis of Third Reich abortion policy...)

And they sell t-shirts that say things like "Keep your tax laws off my bank account." Or feature Uncle Sam pointing a finger, saying "This finger wasn't made to press one for English." Not that you will be allowed to wear such things when the new regime takes office, of course.

Remember, this isn't some random conservative blog, but the website of the oldest and most prestigious conservative magazine in America. And I read that site every day... it's all like this. This movement has become a self-caricature. I just can't imagine why Christopher Buckley's son decided to endorse Obama.

Is it Tuesday yet?


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