Wednesday, February 14, 2007

World-Renowned Scientist Matt Drudge Debunks Global Warming

The latest in a series of self-believed 'gotcha' headlines on global warming from Mr. Drudge-

Conserva-logic in a nutshell: Continued existence of winter + cold = NO GLOBAL WARMING!

As my friend Anthony said to me to the last time Drudge did this, if we ever get to the point that we should be shocked that cold still exists, we're in really deep shit. Of course, with this level of brilliance, it's no wonder that the political director of ABC News and the national politics editor of the Washington Post say that "Matt Drudge rules our world".

And people wonder why in 20+ years, we've only made minimal progress on this issue.

[PS- Someone please email Mr. Drudge a copy of Ward Sutton's latest cartoon.]


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