Friday, October 17, 2008

LOL Cats... Errr, Candidates

Last night in NYC was the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. Both Sens. McCain and Obama were the guests of honor, and delivered comedy bits. Some people may find it odd/offensive that our presidential candidates are joking around with each other one day after going at each other in a debate, while everything goes to hell around us. Maybe even me to an extent. But I did find the event both funny and refreshing at many points.

Of course, I noticed a big difference between the two approachs... while Obama's jokes were mostly self-deprecating, McCain's were more mean-spirited and basically just joke-y versions of Republican talking points. Because McCain is just in that deep at this point.

However, I do wish that McCain's increasingly insane and deranged supporters had seen their candidate "palling around" with his opponent, and even paying some very graceful compliments about him toward the end. Maybe-- maybe!-- then they'd realize how all the ridiculous things being directed at him on the campaign trail (terrorist! socialist! risky!) are BS. Maybe they did. It was shown on Fox, after all.

Sen. McCain-

Sen. Obama-


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