Friday, October 17, 2008

TGIF Odds and Ends

I'm too tired today for a lengthy entry, but here's a collection of interesting or important news worth posting. Let me ask readers... any topic(s) you want me to write about?

Once again, McCain aides confirm obvious... their strategy isn't about building up McCain himself, but rather tearing down Obama. In particular, McCain plans to use his new BFF, Plumber Joe, to try and out-populist Obama (middle class tax cuts = elitist!!). Too bad even "Joe" himself knows what a bunch of BS this is.

And things on the McCain/Palin campaign trail continue to stay nasty, despite McCain's pretend regret for all this... Examples: Palin fans the flames of the GOP's beloved culture war. McCain/RNC robo-calls continue to push the Obama/terrorist connection. CA GOP mailers go super racist on Obama (food stamps! fried chicken! watermelon!). A reporter in NC is assaulted by a Palin supporter. Rush Limbaugh laments that Fox News is insufficiently biased toward McCain. And on and on.

But Obama said some mean things about McCain's health-care plans, so it's all equal!

The GOP's been pushing their ACORN/voter fraud BS for weeks, with now many Republicans rolling their eyes. The latest smackdown? From George W. Bush's Supreme Court.

Barack Obama warns Democrats... don't count our chickens before they hatch.

Gen. Petraeus on where we stand in our 'long war'... dude, we are so fucked in Afghanistan.

And is the recession the ultimate exit strategy for us in Iraq?

This blog has a good comparison on how Obama/McCain differ on science and government.

And here's another blog post that hits on a pet concern of mine... considering we used to be able to complete massive infrastructure projects in short time, why does everything take so long now?

Rumors say Colin Powell will endorse Obama this weekend. Matt Drudge responds w/ racism.

Finally, Rolling Stone has a really solid interview with Nick Jonas Barack Obama.


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