Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Attempts To Put Out Fire He Started

The McCain/Palin team has spent the better part of the last week-- aided by their even crazier counterparts on talk radio, Fox News, right-wing sites such as the National Review, etc-- trying to paint a picture of Barack Obama as a scary radical, all but calling him a terrorist himself, and (inadvertently) turning their rallies into pseudo-lynch mobs. Yesterday, Sen. McCain got to speak to the monster his party created in person and, well, he clearly was horrified at what he saw. Here you see him trying to dial back the rhetoric a few notches, much to the anger of a red meat-hungry crowd. Hopefully this wasn't a one-time thing, and the campaign as a whole decided to abandon the dangerous road it was on.

But don't tell Fox News... they're too far gone and beyond help.

More posts/commentary on things in general later today.

[AP: Obama notes McCain's effort to temper GOP comments]


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