Friday, October 03, 2008

Why We'll Never Really Solve The Energy/Climate Crisis

Sometimes I am reminded that the full seriousness of the interrelated energy and climate crises we face first became apparent a little over 30 years ago, during the Nixon years, and became a major issue as the Carter years began. There was lots of talk at this time of finding solutions (pretty much the same solutions we discuss, except now with greater need). These were scoffed at. It's my apartment; I'll turn the thermostat up as high as I fucking want!

The issue then faded away, while the problem(s) got worse. There was kind of a resurgence in the early 90s, but then 'Captain Planet' got cancelled and we got bored of discussing it again. It's nice to see these issues making yet another comeback-- and being such a crucial issue in the presidential campaign-- but since one party's candidate can't even discuss the issue without attracting the ire of his base, we're still not exactly in a position to be rolling up our sleeves and tackling this mess. I'm not sure I'd say we've gone backwards on these issues, but we certainly haven't made progress either.

Here is a 1977 address Moonbat President Jimmy Carter gave on this issue-

And, for fun, a 1978 'Schoolhouse Rock' cartoon-

That earth is right... we need to use less energy on our readin' and writin' and jivin'.

Imagine if our parents' generation had heeded these warnings and taken the recommended steps then how much better off we'd be now. But we didn't, and we still won't now (because no one in DC will really think about this until they fix the economy and our two wars and health-care, etc). Perhaps in another 30 years, when we're officially out of oil for good and the polar ice caps are gone as well, we'll have another little chat about all of this.

And hopefully, at that time, President Track Palin will have the courage to lead this important fight.


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