Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fundamentals of this Campaign Are Strong

I'm going to try and post something later tonight after the debate (whatever that ends up entailing), but in the meantime a few quick notes.

Sen. McCain 'suspended' his campaign (but, ummm, not really) to save the country from an economic crisis he didn't even believe existed a week ago. He then demanded the President organize a White House summit/photo-op for him, which he got Sen. Obama and key congressional leaders to attend, sat there and said nothing, the end result being (from what I understand) him lending credence to a hissy fit by House Republicans-- who feel less regulation and more corporate tax breaks are what's needed to... oh just kill me-- which has thrown this whole ridiculous drama into tailspin. So he may still skip out on tonight's debate, depending on how his staff advises him the poll numbers are shaping up in that regard. This kind of stunt is old hat for McCain, America's favorite maverick!

Kudos to McCain for taking a serious issue, spending one week either dismissing it or distorting his record on the issues surrounding it, and then spending the following week turning it into his own personal soap opera.

What does Sen. Obama have to say? He spoke to CNN after the White House meeting yesterday, and then later gave a full press conference on all of this.

Oh and, while we were sleeping, Washington Mutual was eaten by the fed, shit out, and given to JPMorgan Chase. My account is at Capitol One, for the record, which I expect to collapse next week and be sold to Dunkin' Donuts. 42 days until the election, by the way.

[UPDATE: Breaking news... McCain will debate tonight after all. Natch.

UPDATE #2: Team McCain/GOP's motivations in this stunt have been confirmed, if they weren't obvious already... scuttle shitty bailout deal, force (barely) revised but equally shitty (or worse) bailout deal, claim mantle of 'bipartisanship', blame Democrats for everything, claim victory. Now the question is, will the media and/or the Democrats let them get away with this spin? HAHAHA, yea probably! See you tonight!]


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