Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bailout, Please!

Here's a fun website: BuyMyShitPile.com

On a related note, my favorite right-wing meme about this $700,000,000,000+ bailout plan (what, the free market can't just pull itself up by its bootstraps? *wink*) is that-- ala the Patriot Act, ala the Iraq war resolution-- it's time to give the Bush administration another blank check and that any substantive debate about this will doom us all. Today's lead NY Post editorial basically says "We're not saying Congress should shut up and give the White House everything it wants, but... well, okay, that's exactly what we're saying." Their cover basically blames congressional Democrats merely debating the proposed package for the woes in the stock market (Treas. Sec. Paulson is scapegoating Congress too in his own way). It's really funny watching conservatives simultaneously faux-complaining about this bailout (hey, they have to pretend they ever were serious fiscally conservative or serious) while also still in their kneejerk position of demanding that evil Democrats give the great President Bush whatever he desires. Consistency!

This crisis has been a slow-burning avalanche-- to mix metaphors-- for several years now, and is far from over, and is far from limited to just what is happening to fancy businessmen in suits. Yes, I realize the shit is hitting the fan very quickly right now, but the idea that taking the time to have an actual debate about all this is what will cause recession is insane. Take your time. Wall Street needs their bailout today? Suck it up, whiners.

Remember in 2000 when Republicans said the grownups would be in charge again? HAHAHA! Oh, what good times.

[PS- Some thoughts on the Paulson plan from Paul Krugman. Plus debate updates.]


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