Monday, September 15, 2008

It's The Economy, Stupid!!

This story about the fall of Lehman Brothers (and AIG and Washington Mutual and Merrill Lynch?) is just part of a larger economic story that began officially with the downfall of Bear Sterns earlier this year, but really traces back to years and years of bad, shortsighted economic policy ("ownership society"!). It is, by far, the most depressingly ignored issue of the campaign right now. They're just not discussing it all.

It's very obvious why the McCain/Palin/GOP folks are ignoring it-- after all, it's (mostly) their chickens coming home to roost here-- but why the fuck the Obama team hasn't been pushing this front and center is beyond me. Granted, I know they've now been forced to spend most of their time pulling their hair out and screaming at the media and America "McCain and Palin are lying about everything! Why is this okay?!??!", but maybe dedicate some time to getting back on offense on domestic issues like this. Because it ties back not only to a lot of other economic issues, but speaks volumes about the entire conservative economic philosophy as a whole.

And, in the end, regardless of any of that, it's just a really fucking serious issue.

[UPDATE: Ask, and ye shall receive. Now let's hope this actually gets some media play.

UPDATE #2: Sen. McCain does his best to pretend to give a shit about this crisis.]


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