Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bailout, Please?

This is an update to a post of mine from earlier this week in which the NY Post demanded that congressional Democrats pass the President's blank check bailout plan ASAP, or we'd all be dead and/or living in shanty towns. But that was days ago, and new talking points/narratives have emerged from their masters at Republican headquarters. So, it's 180 time!

Today's NY Post editorial insists that Democrats were too hasty in trying to get a deal worked out with that evil liberal President Bush, and that thank God that congressional Republicans (and maverick hero John McCain, natch!) put a stop to that by slowing talks with their own last-minute proposal... a proposal the NY Daily News calls in their own editorial a "triumph of dogma over reality" engineered by conservatives who "seem ready to go down with the ship and take all of us with them."

Not that I'm favor of rushing some half-assed billion $$ deal, but I just found this amusing.

Consistency and logic are not GOP strong suits, as should be obvious by now.

[PS- Is a deal nearing completion? Who the hell knows. But maybe.]


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