Friday, June 06, 2008

The Very Serious Election

Tim Russert was on MSNBC late Tuesday night talking about what an awesome election this is going to be (wheeee!). He was stating that we have two candidates who were less likely than other candidates to engage in petty personality attacks, and that maybe we are finally going to have an election that will be debated on the issues. Your lips to Karl Rove's ears!

What Russert ignores is that he and his colleagues in the media are largely responsible for the substance-free personality politics that have dominated presidential politics for years and years (Media Matters does a great job every day cataloging the worst offenders). If Russert wants to have that fantasy election in which we actually have honest, robust debates on the economy, the war, energy/climate, and other topics, he needs to look in the mirror and acknowledge that change begins at home.

Here are some reminders of how seriously the media took their jobs in 2000. I am not holding my breath for much of an improvement this year. oMg flag pinz!


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