Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vice President Who?

Obviously now the big question everyone wants to obsess over is who will the vice presidential candidates be. People seem less interested in on the McCain side (Romney? the governor of Florida? Reagan's ghost?), though.

Here is my random brainstorming on the subject of Obama's hypothetical Vice President.

I'll leave out Sen. Clinton for the purposes of this discussion, as a) I am trying to ignore her, as she continues fundraising for a campaign that technically already ended, and b) I am hoping hard that Sen. Obama will not give into her blackmail by putting her on the ticket.

If you subscribe to the theory that Obama needs a diehard Clinton supporter on the ticket to help ease her voters into his campaign (which I get), the best options are Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and former Gen. Wesley Clark. Both would add a lot to the ticket.

Obviously, John Edwards seems an obvious choice, but it seems unclear how much he actually would want that job at this point. He's been rumored for Attorney General or some other high-profile administration post.

Other good options are Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), who is not only a strong progressive voice for the party, but also would be Obama's link to those Appalachian voters who were reluctant to vote for him for that reason which we'll ignore for now. The downside would be that the Senate would lose a good fighter, but he'd be replaced by a Democrat so it wouldn't affect the majority. Also mentioned a lot is Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, mostly as a female option, but also because of her good reputation as governor. Other governor options include Bill Richardson from New Mexico (remember him?) and Brian Schweitzer from Montana. I think picking someone from the Senate should avoided, if possible. Though Sen. Dodd is also an excellent, though rarely mentioned, option.



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