Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Right Gets To Work

The important work of properly smearing Barack Obama is the key task now for the American right-wing and they are happy to jump in (and are quite grateful to Sen. Clinton, who has spent months laying groundwork for them) and get their hands dirty.

Just this week so far we have (the totally not-racist) Rush Limbaugh calling Obama an "affirmative action candidate" and insisting that he's sooo "lucky" to be running for President as a black guy. Yes, running for President as a black man named Barack Hussein Obama in our racism-free America is the greatest advantage any candidate ever had. Remember that guy who ran for President 8 years ago and who shared the same name with his father who was a former President? He had nothing on this lucky Obama fellow.

Then there's the BS rumors of a Michelle Obama 'whitey' rant. The rant by Bill Bennett and others that Obama is "far left". And anything on this page. Etc.

It's going to be a fun year. The right is so full of helpful ideas about the country's future.


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