Thursday, May 08, 2008

Speaker Pelosi: Right on Bush, Wrong on Stimulus

It's still just May, and the heat is already getting to our elected leaders in Washington-
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday called for a second economic stimulus package and said President George W. Bush is "in denial" about the U.S. economy, drawing a sharp White House response...

..."It's clear there is a need for a second stimulus," Pelosi, a California Democrat, told reporters at a news conference.

No, Madame Speaker, it's clear that we need leaders who will actually try and think of some long-term fixes to the many problems facing our economy (weak dollar, low job growth, health-care fiasco, housing mess, corporate free-for-alls, etc)... not leaders who just want to write everyone another check and call it a day. Have you seen any?

A shame, too, because on similar pandering (like the gas tax holiday), she's generally been better than this.

The Atlantic's James Fallow held a contest to determine the stupidest "bipartisan public policy in the last 50 years." The winner was ethanol mandates. A shame that maybe this one came too late to make the final consideration.


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