Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meanwhile, in Iraq...

The fighting and tensions in Iraq may still be as hostile as ever-- and no one will still even discuss the idea of an exit strategy-- but that doesn't mean it's not time to start planning how to economically take advantage of this war-torn nation. From the AP-
Forget the rocket attacks, concrete blast walls and lack of a sewer system. Now try to imagine luxury hotels, a shopping center and even condos in the heart of Baghdad.

That's all part of a five-year development "dream list" — or what some dub an improbable fantasy — to transform the U.S.-protected Green Zone from a walled fortress into a centerpiece for Baghdad's future.

But the $5 billion plan has the backing of the Pentagon and apparently the interest of some deep pockets in the world of international hotels and development, the lead military liaison for the project told The Associated Press...

Always reassuring to see that we don't forget our priorities. Best war ever.


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