Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's The Status of the Clinton Campaign?

That's the topic du jour in political gossip (omg!). The buzz is that Sen. Clinton will drop out by June 15, but not sooner as it is so close to the end of the primary season everyone intends to see it through and let the remaining states vote. And that's fair enough.

But, as has been noted a lot today, the actual nomination fight is (unofficially) over. There will still be some wins left for the Clintons (West Virginia, Kentucky), but the beginning of the end is here.

Now is the time to settle down the rhetoric and heal the wounds (uhh, I hope). And then we can go into the Summer and Fall ready to remind Americans why voting for the party that got us into this multitude of messes, that has proven themselves incapable of governing, that has become a one-trick pony of demagoguery, is not the best way to move forward as a nation. And maybe this is-- finally-- the year for that message to sink in.

[UPDATE: But will Clinton bow out gracefully? That still remains a a debatable question.]


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