Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pandering To The Finish Line

A lot of people are horrified at the sheer lows of the pandering coming from the Clinton camp in this last stretch of the primary season. But really, they don't remember Clinton that well then. This is the woman who supported censoring videogames. Who supported outlawing flag burning. Who allowed George W. Bush to take this country into war with Iraq. Etc. She believes in winning. Whatever other honorable things she believes in, she's always willing to do say and do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Stealing ridiculous tax holiday scams from John McCain is just the latest (and most insulting) example.

I've always defended her from the excesses of right-wing vitriol. But let's not pretend she's on our side in the end.

Stephen Colbert also dedicated his 'The Word' segment to this issue last night.

[Politics, Pandering, and Policy at the Pump: Who Wins? (Mother Jones)

UPDATE: Holy cow... the Hillary defenders are wading dangerously in self-parody waters.]


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