Friday, May 09, 2008

More Odds and Ends

Another busy week for me, so less blogging. Sorry about that. But here's some news...

Here's some underreported news this week: "President Bush threatened Wednesday to veto Democrats' broad housing rescue package, saying it won't help struggling homeowners." How much of that is correct, though?

The fight is bigger than that, as they "also threatened that Bush would veto a separate bill to send $15 billion to states to buy and fix up foreclosed properties. Officials say that measure rewards lenders and investors who own the property, and could act as an incentive for them to foreclose rather than find ways to help struggling borrowers stay in their homes."

The President did, however, sign a bill "designed to ensure that turmoil in the credit markets doesn't cause a shortage in student loans."

It's still not his week as he manages to anger India with his comments on the food crisis.

And nearby in Asia, the Olympic Torch makes its way to the top of Mount Everest.

In Myanmar, things continue to be horrifyingly bad. Things in Lebanon aren't much better.

Back in the United States, the media is still too embarrassed to report on the military analyst propaganda story.

And the military is so desperate for fresh bodies, they sent 43,000 unfit soldiers into war.

Here's some fun news: "House Judiciary Committee aides confirmed Tuesday morning that former Attorney General John Ashcroft and ex-Justice Department lawyer John Yoo have agreed to voluntarily testify before their committee."

The UK reports that not only is Big Brother intrusive, it's also completely worthless.

Finally, in Democratic primary news, Michigan Democrats put together a 69-59 delegate seating plan, an overly fair compromise. Her Majesty-- of course-- said no, not good enough, give me more. Florida Democrats too say they're working on a deal, though I'm sure Hillary already deems it unsatisfactory.


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