Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sen. Clinton Panders on Gas Tax / Obama Keeps It Honest

I'm getting ready to leave work in a few minutes, so I don't have as much time as I wanted to rant on this topic, but since Hillary Clinton continues to campaign like a conservative Republican ("gas tax relief", "obliterate Iran", "liberal elites", etc etc), I will continue to tear her down here. I understand the instinct among many to attempt to defend her (because we're all still up against the GOP noise machine that worked to destroy her in the '90s), but really folks, she doesn't deserve it anymore.

At this point, the big difference in terms of campaigning between her and Sen. McCain is that McCain is a man who lacks substantive policy intelligence proudly running as a panderer, whereas Clinton actually has intelligence buried underneath that ruthlessness but is running a pandering idiot anyway. And the one candidate actually running an honest campaign is getting shit on for not playing this game. This country often gets what it deserves in terms of leadership. End rant.

(PS- I ranted about this voodoo economics proposal two weeks ago when McCain first brought it up. For reference.)


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