Saturday, April 26, 2008

But What About November?

It seems ridiculous to try and analyze this stuff in April given how fickle voters can be, but for what it's worth, TPM's Josh Marshall looks at not only where Democrats stand now, but how they'll (theoretically) stand against John McCain in the Fall-

Interestingly enough, how they perform in the electoral map seems a reflection of the way they want to be seen in general... Hillary Clinton gives you what you know, and performs the tasks required competently. Barack Obama is a map-changer, and does the job with a different mindset than his predecessors. I believe we need the latter more, but I'm not a superdelegate, so what does it matter?

[NY Times: Assessing Strength of Contenders in Swing States

UPDATE: Here's a handy chart showing where the delegate math stands right now.]


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