Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Official... John McCain is Republican Nominee

With tonight's victories giving him all the delegates he needs-- and Mike Huckabee finally ending his campaign-- John McCain has now clinched the nomination of his party. It's being reported that he will be going to the White House tomorrow for a big-photo with the President and an endorsement. This is exciting.

The liberal media folks on MSNBC were gushing about how manly and awesome Sen. McCain is and how the Democrats should be very scared of the maverick's appeal. But his maverick myth is now only perpetuated by the media-- his base-- and not borne out by facts. He choose his path in 2004 and sold his soul for George W. Bush's 30 pieces of silver, believing that such fealty was necessary to gain the stamp of approval of the party. And while that may have begun as political necessity, he has now embraced Bush Republicanism fully, selling out on every issue from taxes to 'values' to torture.

Conventional wisdom was assuming a year or so ago that the GOP candidate would throw the insanely unpopular President (now at a historically low 19% approval) under the bus and run as an anti-Bush Republican. Luckily for us, John McCain chose instead to stay the course.

With the economy in shambles after years of bad policy, no end in sight in Iraq, and people demanding government action on health care and other crises, there's nothing better for Democrats-- not without their share of problems-- than to have the resourceful John McCain running for Bush's third term. If they can't win that battle, then god help us all.


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