Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Meanwhile, in Iraq...

The big Iraq news of the weekend was the visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Baghdad... and the heroes welcome he received from the country's Shiite leaders (and he didn't even have to sneak in and out of the place like the Bush crew does!).

And how odd that our President made no mention of this historic trip. I can't imagine why he'd forget to discuss his biggest foreign boogeyman walking cordially around Baghdad with the Iraqi government that our soldiers are dying to defend. Probably the same reason he keeps forgetting to mention when he demands more billion$ and patience from the American people on Iraq how the insurgency-- both sides-- is now on our payroll. These things just slip his mind, you see.

We've had an awesome war. I look forward to President McCain continuing the fun forever.

[Andrew Sullivan: $3 Trillion... And all we got was this lousy photo-shoot?]


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