Sunday, March 02, 2008

Democratic Analysis / Superdelegates, Not So Fast!

TPM gives us the latest look at the state of the presidential race-

My personal bet? Sen. Clinton is in the race through at least Pennsylvania in April.

Though as the momentum continues to swing toward Sen. Obama, so is the support of many party members... the mythical superdelegates. And so Sen. Clinton is now saying not so fast superdelegates, no committments until this race is over! I agree with that sentiment, but it's a noticeable change in tone from her camp on the matter.

And not to be outdone on her trying to game the rules to her advantage (see: Florida and Michigan), Clinton was apparently complaining-- with days left-- that the Texas primary/caucus rules are unfair, and demanding action to rectify them. There has a been clear record of the Clintons seeing themselves as above the rules and displaying contempt for a democratic process that hasn't delivered the outcome they wanted. I agree that so much of how these primaries have been set up is silly and needlessly complicated, and should be changed immediately after this contest is over for next time, but these are the rules and you don't change them mid-game because you're losing. There are many things concerning me about a potential Clinton presidency... this is a big one.

[PS- Mother Jones has a 10-point primer on how the two differ on economic policy.]


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