Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Falwell Funeral Terrorism! Get This Man To Gitmo!

Matt Drudge had this sensational headline up on his site tonight-

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What this headline purposely doesn't tell you is that the potential terrorist was not from one of the many parts of American society that Mr. Falwell verbally condemned to Hell, but rather a 19-year old student/Falwell supporter who intended to target any protestors who showed up near the service. His possible accomplices were a fellow student of Liberty University and a soldier from nearby Fort Benning.

How odd that this crucial aspect of the story is not the lead. And how odd that this plot-- as hairbrained as the six paintball jihadists who were gonna storm Fort Dix by themselves-- has not received major news attention. How odd indeed.

[PS- All the '08 GOP candidates were too "busy" to attend the service. Also very odd indeed.]


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