Monday, May 21, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I will take everybody's word for it that this is a bad bill. One question, though — could there ever have been a good bill? I don't mean a bill that instantly teleports every illegal to the country of their choice using Star Trek technology, which is, I gather, what resides in the dreams and visions of many on the restrictionist side. I mean an actual piece of legislation with any kind of chance on earth to pass Congress and be signed by the president."
--National Review (and NY Post) columnist John Podhoretz, talking back to the hyperventilating right.

I think most people agree that this is a flawed bill, but the level of hysteria on the right is absurd, even by their standards. And I think the reason that they have been ignored on this issue (for the most part) is that their real concern about immigration reform has very little to do with security and law enforcement and everyone knows it.


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