Friday, May 18, 2007

That Sound You Hear? The Far-Right's Collective Head Exploding.

Someone send ol' Lou Dobbs some Tums. This was the big news yesterday-
A bipartisan group of U.S. senators reached agreement on Thursday on an immigration reform bill that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants and establish a merit-based system for future migrants, lawmakers said.

The agreement sets the stage for what is expected to be a passionate Senate debate over immigration and lead the way for what would be one of the most significant accomplishments of President George W. Bush's final term...

...The legislation would create a temporary worker program that would require laborers to return home after a period of time. Tough border security and workplace enforcement measures would go into place before the temporary worker program, congressional aides said.

The proposal would limit family-based migration to immediate family members and establish a merit-based system by which future migrants could earn points for skills, education, understanding of English and family ties.

Well, looks like the problem will be solved forever. [*dusts off hands*]

Seriously, though, this seems to me to be a somewhat half-assed solution to a complex issue. I can't claim to know what is the right solution here, but I don't believe this it.

It has good elements to be sure (the odious 'guest-worker' program an obvious exception), but I can't see this surviving intact given the political climate. It seems that many in Washington DC-- too afraid of all the conflicting interests here (from corporate business owners who want cheap, exploitable labor to pro-immigrant rights activists to isolationist xenophobes)-- figure that something is better than nothing. Are they right?

[PS- You think I'm joking with that subject title? Then you have to read this. ]


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