Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bush Administration...

The following video is from former Deputy Attorney General James Comey's testimony to Congress this week. The event Comey is discussing was first revealed by the NY Times in January 2006. As acting Attorney General at one point in 2004 while John Ashcroft was hospitalized, Comey refused to sign off on President Bush's warrantless wiretapping. With Comey not budging, the President did the only thing a man of his character would do... sent then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales and White House chief of staff Andy Card to Ashcroft's hospital room to force him to sign off on the program. Comey, tipped off by Ashcroft's concerned wife, witnessed this incident.

More details on what this all means at TPM Muckraker.

And, of course, despite this shameful episode, the program more or less continues today.


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