Monday, May 21, 2007

Odds and Ends

'Heroes' and '24' finales on tonight at the same time. What to watch and what to DVR? Decisions, decisions...

Once again, America falls behind the rest of the first world in terms of social progress: "Since the British military began allowing homosexuals to serve in the armed forces in 2000, none of its fears — about harassment, discord, blackmail, bullying or an erosion of unit cohesion or military effectiveness — have come to pass, according to the Ministry of Defense, current and former members of the services and academics specializing in the military. The biggest news about the policy, they say, is that there is no news. It has for the most part become a nonissue."

You don't say?

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, things are fun as ever... Israel continues its assault(s) in Gaza, with an eye on targeting Hamas leaders. And over in Lebanon, this is happening: "Battles engulfed a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon on Monday and the death toll from two days of fighting between the Lebanese army and al Qaeda-inspired militants climbed to 71."

And a U.N. food ship for Somalia is afraid to complete its mission due to piracy fears. Arrrr!

Back in Washington DC, while members of Congress continue to believe that anyone in the White House cares whether or not they have confidence in the Attorney General, the deeper scandal behind the curtain comes into greater focus.

Finally, one member of the Congressional Food Stamp Challenge gets his PB&J confiscated by airport security.


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