Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post-Election Odds and Ends

Awakening from my victory coma, let's try and roundup all the news that I missed...

President-elect Obama's transition efforts ( begin immediately. Rahm Emmanuel will be White House chief of staff, and the less-than-exciting Larry Summers is apparently a top choice for Treasury Secretary (here's a way to fight the latter, though). Robert Kennedy Jr. is apparently a top contender for head of the EPA. There are also rumors that he is "seriously considering the creation of an Energy Security Council within the White House". Elsewhere, Robert Gibbs-- a long-time Obama aide-- will apparently be the Press Secretary.

In evolving election result news, North Carolina has now been officially called for Obama, bringing his electoral college count to 364 versus McCain's 162. Democrats have also now won the Senate seat in Oregon. The Georgia Senate race appears headed to a recount, while the Minnesota one may go to a recount.

Speaking of the Senate, Harry Reid and Joe Lieberman spoke today. Here's what I expect... Lieberman will be stripped of his Homeland Security committee chairmanship (and should be, not only for campaigning with McCain, but for his shitty record as chairman), but will be allowed to retain his seniority in the caucus if he so chooses. We'll know more soon.

Another reason to be happy for an Obama victory? Two words... Supreme Court.

Other election fallouts... Americans apparently want change, but not for gay people (screw you, Mormons!). They are, however, surprisingly progressive on drug policy.

Over in Republican-land, it's... circular firing squad time! In particular, the efforts to scapegoat/tear down Sarah Palin continue in joyful earnest. Wait, I thought she was the new conservative poster girl?

So who was the bigger McCain campaign joke? Palin... or Joe/Sam the Plumber?

And to those still defending Ralph Nader, I have two words for you: Uncle Tom.

Besides the domestic/economic issues facing Obama, lots of foreign policy challenges await him immediately... an unfinished Mideast peace deal (though the Arab world is hopeful), the U.S./Iraq troop pact, Afghan President Karzai's calls to Obama to end civilian deaths there, and whatever the hell Vladimir Putin is up to.

Finally, some post-election LOLs, courtesy of The Onion and South Park.


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