Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

As is my usual tradition, I woke up at 6am to go vote early. I was greeted with a real shock, though, when I got to my local polling place... it was packed!! When I voted in 2004, there were only a dozen people there at this time of the morning. This morning, however, I waited on line for 20 minutes before I got to cast my vote. It was worth every second.

A big fear-- and one Rachel Maddow was very vocal about last night-- is that these long lines, which will be astronomical in the swing states, will discourage many voters, who will walk away. I don't know how many people read this blog, but I encourage all of you to please vote no matter what. Ditch work, go in late, leave early... whatever it takes. And encourage everyone you know to do the same.

Have voting stories to share? Thoughts in general? Post a comment! Thanks for reading.

[UPDATE/PS: If you're voting in the later, western states that close later, and the media calls the election early, please vote anyway! Remember, there is more at stake here than the presidency. The Senate, the House, a number of important propositions... it all matters. Vote, vote, vote.

UPDATE #2: If you encounter voting problems, contact 1-877-US-4-OBAMA (1-877-874-6226).]


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